Writers of Words was created by and for writers to express themselves in a place that is judgement free. We are a creative bunch of  moderates, centrists and progressives with a sprinkling of conservatives and liberals to keep things lively. That isn’t to say that we’re all about politics by any means. Rather, we’re a dedicated group of writers that has strong opinions about a wide variety of topics from all walks of life. Our common connection is centered around the belief that this country can do better than #NeverTrump and the government works FOR the people, not AGAINST the people. Even more broadly than that, we’re all human beings living on the same planet and if we don’t have each other, what do we really have at the end of the day?

If you want to write for us, please be sure to drop us a line at writersofwords dot staff @ gmail.com.

Managing Editors

  • Susan Kuebler
  • Andrew Witzel

Contributing Editors

  • David Malcolm
  • Darrell Roberts