Finding The Time

By w1nt3l

There was a time I used to look forward to sitting down to write. I thought all day about what I would type out that evening after dinner and the evenings activities were completed. At times during the year I would even have multiple ideas listed in a OneNote file on my mobile phone, sometimes with accompanying pictures, of topics I wanted to explore and write about. Anyone who followed me on my personal blog, the writing at Eat Pray Vote, and of course on this site that was born from EPV’s rebranding, will see that it’s not something I personally look forward to anymore. At least not nearly as much as I used to.

Many reasons can be tapped for the lack of enthusiasm and unwillingness to sit down and write, some of which I will now explore.

Perhaps the most obvious, is the climate of politics and utter negativity in the news cycle. The man running the United States does not need to be named at this point because if you don’t know who he is at this point then you’re the lucky one. When a person gets to a point they are no longer shocked or surprised at what would, under typical circumstances, be considered inappropriate or immoral behavior, there is a major problem. A field of multiple contenders on “the other side” of the fence to take him on in the next election certainly does not instill confidence that things are going to change anytime in the near future. The very real possibility that we will be stuck with this man another four years has me more terrified than anything else and there isn’t a damn thing I can do personally to help change that. Too many citizens are jaded and turned off to the whole process they don’t bother to even participate, which is what THEY WANT, and they’re winning.

Time. The one thing we can’t ever get more of no matter how hard we try because we don’t have a handy black hole nearby to slow things down. It’s a constant drag, a ticking in the background, a reminder that everything slowly marches forward mercifully without regard for any potential goals you had at the beginning of the day. I just don’t have enough time at the end of the day to put the effort into doing anything except the necessities of life; dinner, laundry, washing up, etc. There is always something that needs to be done and seems like there is never enough time to do anything that I want to get done.

Work. Something I technically should be doing right now actually, but instead I’m writing this post. I have a 1-hour commute each way to work and have the opportunity, no, the privilege to work from home one day per week. You would think that someone that spends 2 hours in the car daily to get to work, doing a job that can easily be done anywhere, could get the opportunity to work from home at least two days per week. Nope. My manager is a little behind in the times unfortunately and has a small steak of micro-managing, doesn’t trust that a person working from home is actually working from home. I’ve given him no cause to think that of course and in fact get more done at home than in the office, but it won’t change her perception apparently. I can change this one, but it’s going to be a long drawn out fight.

The featured picture on this post is appropriate; a dumpster fire. A tip fire for those in the EU. A figurative representation of what it feels like when I venture outside of Technology and read the Political news cycle. Who’s going to put the fire out?