White House In Sad State of Affairs

By Andrew Witzel

The fury of Twitter notifications this morning seemed extraordinarily higher than usual for a regular Wednesday in the middle of March. Two such tweets struck me as I read through the list causing me to stop and start reading the replies; something that I usually never do for obvious reason. The details of the replies aren’t necessary as anyone that is anti-Trump has been everywhere and done all of it unfortunately. What is starting to cause concern for me is that there seems to be a blanket of complacency spreading out across the country taking the edge off of the ridiculous words flying out of Trumps mouth hole.

This is about as stupid as his steam and eletromagnetic comment to the Navy

Anyone following this story knows that the tragedy of the Boeing airliner that led to the above dumb consequence of “foot in mouth” was a result of the Boeing engineers making changes to design and software. They failed to tell the pilots operating the planes that they made these changes or gave them incomplete information. The consequences of all of this are clear to see in that there have been several incidents with a plane that has just entered service and hasn’t even made it through one year of operation. Trump adding his $0.02 just gives the perception that Americans are idiots.

UPDATE: Trump announced he grounded all Boeing 737 Max 8’s in the United States. I guess he doesn’t do dumb things when he decides to listen to the people around him. He should do that more often.

Fake Science? Carbon dioxide is the main building block?

Where do I start with this one? Seriously, this one got sent out and NO ONE really made a big deal about it. This country just accepted Trump being a moron and to be honest, any intelligent person could pass this by and hope for the Darwin effect to take hold. I personally had a good laugh reading through the feed on this tweet, both Aaron’s and the one from Trump. There are so many kindred spirits of pure sarcasm out there on the Internet that it compelled me to write a piece about these two tweets.

The urge to write again has returned to my brain pan. There certainly is no shortage of material to write about.