Children Of Man

“Spirit, whose children are they?”

“They are MANS!”

That scene from A Christmas Carol has been playing and preying on my mind since the United States Government Shutdown. A continual loop, especially the names the Spirit gave them. Want and Ignorance. Right now, America has more people who are in want than any previous generation. Ignorance both in lack of knowing and willful.

So many in my chronically ill & disabled community are struggling to just get needs met. Finding adequate access to medications and medical professionals. Being ignorant of resources due to agencies and companies obfuscating information, even in a google search. Constantly having to self-advocate and deal with gatekeeping at every level from straws to medical testing. Worrying how much longer it will take to hear on your disability hearing or in several cases wondering when that money will come in. Disabled folks with families worried about if SNAP will come in.
All because of the shutdown.

Humanity is our business. It is what affects us every day, even if some want to pretend it doesn’t. When people are well both in mind, body, and spirit then society flourishes as a whole. In America, it said, “We, the people.” Let us make that more inclusive from the era the founders of this country made it.

As a pastor for me, it goes deeper. It goes to the core of what we are called to be…to show by every action that our faith leads to being in the business of man’s kindness, care, and love.

So I close as always with this: Pace Bene! Peace and Good To All!