Me, Just Me

By Jill Joiner

I was recently invited to join this wonderful group of writers. My first piece was going to be about rural poverty and how often it is ignored. Yet as I tried to write I was coming up blank. I was, of course, wondering what was wrong with me. I know this topic forwards and backwards.

Then it came to me. Why I was trying to delve deep into a topic without addressing some things like, well, introducing myself. My grandparents would be appalled at such bad manners. The funny part is as I looked at my keyboard I had a familiar feeling. Very similar to the one I had when I felt when I was called to become a Pastor. I said the same thing I said then. You have got to be kidding me. Yet I digress.

My main objective with this piece is to give you an introduction. I am not young. I am in my early 40s and live in NM. I have several health issues that will influence my choice of topics and my style of writing. Couple this with a burning desire to make people aware of issues that don’t hit the mass media as they should.

I realize this is very brief but my hope is that all my readers will realize we are all One. We are all children of the Divine. So I will end this with a favorite saying Pace Bene which means Peace & Good All. It my most sincerest hope to all of you.