Just Another Month

By w1nt3l

This is a funny time of year for a lot of people, especially me personally. A time of a year where I see obvious attempts at ignoring differences for the sake of a “season’s greetings” because that is what is expected. For one month, the majority of the world’s population celebrates a major holiday, religion based or otherwise. For one month, those celebrating remember what it is to be a compassionate human being and turn off the normal shielding that most have up around them the other eleven months out of the year.

For those of us out there that do not change through the year depending on the season, it is difficult this time of year because we stand out like sore thumbs. The “scrooges” of the crowd that refuse to conform or yield to the masses of good tidings and cheer for one month of the year. What is seen as a pessimistic view of the holiday season one month of the year is seen as a an optimistic view the other eleven months it isn’t the holiday season. The trouble is that no one pays attention those other eleven months.

What we should all do instead of celebrating during this month is get away to a tropical paradise and get some sun. Enjoy a drink or two by the waters edge relaxing to the waves lapping onto shore. Perhaps a band off in the distance playing some location appropriate music to set the mood even further so that every care in the world just disappears. No worries about money, bills, buying presents or getting to this persons house or that persons house for dinner. No family to listen fight at the dinner table about who dislikes Trump more or feels one news network is less fake than another.

We all need a vacation.