Left, Right, Center; Americans

By w1nt3l

We are all Americans. I’m going to let that sit right here for a bit.

I’ve spent the last half hour or so scrolling through Twitter and now have a rather painful headache at the general ignorance that seems to be spewing from peoples fingers. With the election runoff’s most likely starting in Florida, predicted in Georgia, and countless problems all over the country related to voting machines, registrations, etc., it’s no wonder people are pissed off. Doctored videos of reporters karate chopping staffers shared by the White House don’t help. The presser from Mr. Trump on Thursday was the equivalent of pissing gasoline on a bonfire, that is if you could actually understand what the hell he was saying half the time.

When someone points a finger and calls someone a “Leftist” and vice versa, calls someone a “Rightist”, the spectrum that relates to is probably not something most of us care to think about. Anyone under the age of say 30 wouldn’t understand at all as the current education system isn’t what it used to be, but that’s a topic for another day. As the article graphic indicates, someone on the far left is an Anarchist and someone on the far right is a Fascist. This isn’t me saying that I consider anyone I know that far right or left, but after seeing some of the Twitter comments the last few days, I can certainly say without a doubt they exist. Those among us that would wish to bring this country down to it’s knees on one side or the other for whatever gains they felt were worth it in the end for their selfish cause.

In reality, I believe that the majority of Americans fall in that small section exactly in the middle (Moderate or Centrist) and slightly to the left (Liberal) and slightly to the right (Conservative). Personally I fall into the center with a slight lean towards the left, I generally stay open minded to many alternatives so that the best option can be found in any particular situation. My thought is that there is no one solution that works for everyone all of the time everywhere. That is the magnificent genius of our democracy (or what’s still left of it) in that there are powers given at different levels of government where they are the most effective. The fine balance of power between these levels is what can be so difficult.

Very rarely is the answer “this” or “that” in life. The choice between two things is rare, often we are presented with many choices that require careful thought and research before an informed decision can be made. We’ve tried a two-party system for almost 242 years and I, along with a lot of others in this country, believe it has run out of gas. If anyone can honestly give me a reason why adding legitimate third-parties to the ballots for the 2020 elections, that are included in debates, then I’m all ears and open mind.

As for the fear mongers out there that claim the country is heading into a socialist or fascist state, seriously, just keep it to yourselves. There are plenty of countries in the world that are true socialist and fascist governments you can immigrate to in order to get some first hand experience. Make sure to let us all know how that works out for you.