Good Mid-Terms Means Good 2020 Presidential Election

Joe Biden for President 2020

By w1nt3l

It has been months since I last wrote anything substantive about politics because of the amount of stress churn it caused in my life. Every day it was a case of me thinking it couldn’t get any worse and of course, it would almost always get worse. Most recently the confirmation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is just another brick of absurdity on what is quickly building the skyscraper of the most outlandish presidency of Americas history. No one at this point could convince me that he’s done anything positive for this country that isn’t anything other than ironic coincidence or smart and clever people behind the scenes masterfully executing miraculous feats in private Illuminati style meetings.

Mid-term elections are coming up in November. That’s less than a month away and it’s traditionally the time that the least number of voters turn up to actually exercise their hard fought for freedom as Americans. It’s this mid-term election cycle that can alter the course of the upcoming Presidential elections in 2020. History has proven numerous times that when a balance of power is upset in mid-terms, it almost certainly signals an upset in the White House. I’m not a Trump fan, never was, never will be. I don’t think he’s done much at all for this country and his legacy will continue to tarnish this country for many years after he’s gone. I stopped screaming into the wind at the Trumpers and for good reason; it was a waste of energy and definitely a waste of my intelligence.

November 2018 is the month that the #NeverTrump crowd has a chance to finally break their silence and speak with the voting booth. Do your research, know your candidates, find the person that will do the jobs up for election the best and actually vote for them. Voting is paramount to saving the country. We all complain about our Senators, Representatives, local governments, etc., well *that* change starts with all of us. We, the registered voters of this country, put them into office and we, the registered voters, can remove them from office if they don’t do what we want them to do. A government for the people, by the people still means something. With all the back handed palm greasing and political corruption going on, the ONE thing they can’t take away (or control, yet) is all of us going to the polls and casting a vote.

Tell work you’ll be late because you have to vote. Stop by the local gas station on the way to work and grab a coffee. Take your time getting to work. It’s all worth it when the next swearing in of a President in January 2021 doesn’t have the initials DT.