Get Off Your Pedestal Apple

Only Authentic Repairs on the MacBook Pro

By w1nt3l

There may have been a time, perhaps in the 80’s maybe, where Apple had an edge. I never liked them and am fairly certain never will. There has always been a better choice than Apple and the “kool-aid”, at least for me, always tasted a little sour. A company that no longer has anything close to a commanding lead in the desktop, laptop, or mobile device market, then why are they still pulling stunts like there isn’t any competition?

As reported in The Next Web’s article “Apple is blocking third-party repairs on new Mac computers“, Apple’s new T2 security chip performs a system check verifying that all the hardware components are authentic and Apple approved or allowed (by an Apple Technician). Any after-market parts, those that would be added by a non-Apple repair technician, would not have the Apple only software that provides the T2 security chip the green signal that the repaired part is allowed and approved. Once the T2 security chip detects an unapproved part, it renders the device unusable until the green signal is received.

Currently the T2 security chip has been installed and is being sold in the 2018 versions of the MacBook Pro and the Mac Pro. Honestly this is the kind of move you would expect from a company like IBM during their peak in the mid to late 1980’s or from Intel in the late 1990’s. This is not the sort of thing you would expect from a company that sells high end devices purchased by a niche market of users.

With “right to repair” legislation currently in progress in the U.S. that, if lost, would make repair parts, tools, repair guides, and diagnostic software public; it doesn’t bode well that they are doubling down by embedding hardware that makes that process irrelevant. When will Apple learn they were never actually on the high horse to begin with?