The Keyboard Is Mightier Than The Sword

Writers of Words

By w1nt3l

The written word has been around approximately since 3100 B.C. when the Sumer civilization first put written word to a Limestone Kish tablet. Since then of course, there have been hundreds, perhaps thousands, of languages spoken or written throughout history. Human beings used sounds at first to express themselves to others around them. To express fear, anger, sadness and many other emotions they didn’t quite understand. Taking those sounds and turning them into words most remarkably formidable weapons that anyone had the capacity to learn and wield at will. Balances of power have ebbed and flowed throughout history, but words my dear readers, have always been at the root of uprisings, overthrows of governments, protests and the like. Words are a human beings most valuable and, at the same time, most feared weapon.

Probably the most recognizable and notable example of when the pen was mightier than the sword was when the Founding Fathers of the United States of America declared their independence from the British monarchy on July 4, 1776. A pen in this example was able to change opinion and help the colonists fight a war they believed in rather than being forced to fight with a sword which would have resulted in their death if they refused. An unwilling participant will almost never be invested. Public opinion was, through written word, turned against the British and the fledgling country easily recruited a fighting force that ultimately won the country it’s freedom.

Much like the Founding Fathers did over 240 years ago, our small site of dedicated writers will do with simple words. Writers from all walks of life, different backgrounds, multiple hobbies, enough opinions to keep the conversation going for hours; this site will be a collection of our interests on many different topics. As we add categories, they will be added to the main page. We hope you found us by one of soon to be published pieces and we hope you decide to stay around and see what else we’re about.

Cheers to the road ahead!